With a JIM Mobile prepaid card you only pay for your usage. You’ll call, surf and text at the lowest prepaid rates in Belgium. Enough with complex rates and temporary bonuses at each top-up. But of course you still get free minutes to other JIM Mobile customers.

1 cent per MB

 1 cent per sms

8 cent per minute

The lowest prepaid rates in Belgium.

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What can you do with your calling credit?

How long can you call, and how much can you surf or text? Select your top-up amount and discover what you can do with your calling credit.

I surf a lot
I call a lot
I text a lot
Let’s say you used
texts + min + MB

What do we mean by prepaid rates?

Prepaid rates are the rates you pay per used text, megabyte or calling minute, which is deducted from your calling credit. These rates apply regardless of possible free and/or temporary bonuses added to a top-up. These bonuses will therefore not be taken into account when referring to prepaid rates. This way you needn’t worry about temporary bonuses with limited validity and the expensive rates you often need to pay afterwards for other prepaid cards.
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Compare to other prepaid rates

Select one to compare your current rates. This comparison is based on the market rates on 21/1/2019.

Compare JIM Mobile to
Texts1 cent instead of
{{tariff.sms}} cent/text
JIM Mobile is {{(tariff.sms / 1) - (((tariff.sms * 10) % 1) / 10) | number}} times better value
Surf1 cent instead of
{{tariff.mb}} cent/MB
JIM Mobile is {{(tariff.mb / 1) - (((tariff.mb * 10) % 1) / 10) | number}} times better value
Call8 cent instead of
{{tariff.min}} cent/min
JIM Mobile is {{(tariff.min / 8) - ((((tariff.min / 8) * 10) % 1) / 10) | number}} times better value

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Top-up amounts

These are the available top-up amounts. Your calling credit remains valid for 12 months. Your free calling minutes to other JIM Mobile customers remain valid for 1 month.

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The lowest rates in Belgium
High-performance Proximus network
Straightforward rate plan
Pay for your usage only
Calling credit valid for 12 months
Free calling minutes to other JIM Mobile customers

Do you surf a lot? Then use MEGASURF!

Thanks to the MEGASURF bundle you’ll get 1 GB of extra mobile data for € 5. Text MEGASURF to 1984 to activate the bundle.

1 GB € 5 text MEGASURF to 1984

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Terms & conditions, and rates
All JIM Mobile rates are subject to the terms and conditions of Unleashed nv, are restricted to personal use, and solely apply to national calls and texts, with the exception of special numbers and third-party services. You can make use of third-party services and special numbers which might incur extra costs. The cost for this will immediately be deducted from your calling credit. If applicable, included calling minutes from JIM Mobile to JIM Mobile are only valid for use in Belgium, for 1 month and are not valid for special numbers. Your calling credit is valid for 12 months. For each call started, you pay for the first minute, as of the second minute you pay per second. In order to know the rates for special numbers (070, 077, 0900,...), please check our FAQ or call 1984 (free of charge in Belgium) or +32 (0)456 19 19 84 every business day from 8.30 AM to 5 PM. Social benefits do not apply to the JIM Mobile rates. Check our international rates here.

Please note: in order to activate the MEGASURF bundle, JIM Mobile reserves € 0.20 of calling credit for the next data session. This means that a user needs at least € 5.20 calling credit to activate this bundle. To avoid this extra cost of € 0.20, it may help in some cases to change the network mode in the settings of a device to an option without 4G (2G or 3G network).